The New York State Parking Structure Inspection Law

Due by October 2019

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The Updated NY Parking Structure Inspection Law

"As of August 29, 2018, owners and operators of parking garages must comply with a requirement to have Condition Assessments of their parking garages completed a minimum of every three years." - Section 1202.4 of Title 19 NYCRR

What This Means for Garage Owners & Operators

The law amendment requires New York parking garage owners and operators to have their structures inspected at least every three years. The inspections should be performed by or under the supervision of a professional engineer who is registered in New York.

Why The Law Exists

The new law requirement ensures the safety of both the workers and patrons who utilize parking structures. Routine inspections, structural repairs, and maintenance drastically reduce deterioration and risk of collapse.

Delamination cracks occur due to water infiltration and structural corrosion, often creating falling debris which can become a tripping hazard.

Spalling can be seen when patches of concrete break away from walls and surfaces, usually due to structural failure and corrosion.

Rusting occurs when there’s exposure to water or outdoor elements, resulting in potential pedestrian injury or structural failure.

Existing Parking Garage Structures

In order to effectively organize the inspections of all existing New York parking structures, the law amendment identifies tiered dates in which certain structures must be inspected. Depending on the date your structure was built, you will need an inspection by October 2019, 2020, or 2021.

New Parking Garage Structures

Effective August 29, 2018, a condition assessment is required following the construction of a new parking structure. The assessment must be performed prior to being issued a certificate of occupancy or compliance.

Find Your Inspection Date

Date Built:

Prior to January 1, 1984

Inspection Required:

Prior to October 1, 2019

Dates Built:

Between January 1, 1984

and December 31, 2002

Inspection Required:

Prior to October 1, 2020

Dates Built:

Between January 1, 2003

and August 29, 2018

Inspection Required:

October 1, 2021

Date Built:

After August 29, 2018

Inspection Required:

Prior to being issued a certificate

of occupancy or compliance

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